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John oh John.
I like you so much :]

Walters keeps telling me to ask him out.
I could never do that.
Not in a million years.
I'm not brave enough.

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John told me he likes me!
I told him I like him too.
Cara asked out Cody.
He should say yes,
I don't understand why he wouldn't.
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Oh.. Alright.

John just left like 5 minutes ago.
I like him.
I like him a lot.
I don't think he likes me.
Oh well,
That's how it always goes.
The guy I like never likes me.

Keep the love
and keep it real.
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I don't even know.

I don't know what's keeping me so motivated to have this stupid LJ thing.
I don't know what's keeping me from saying all the things I want to.
Maybe it's the fact that I think someone is always reading this.
I don't care anymore.
For whoever reads this, maybe you'll know as much about me as Cara does.
No, Cara's the only one that reads this.
I know that.
I don't know.
I don't care.

I like a new boy.
But there's still this one boy that is always on mind.
I don't know.
I don't like him.
I'm "in love" with him?
I mean, I have liked him for almost a year.
But that does not mean I'm in love with him.
I don't fall in love.
I'm Ariana Jones.
I just crush.
I crush on John Hayden.
I love on Ryan Doherty.
Yeahh. Too bad Ryan Doherty would never take me back.
Fuck you Ryan Doherty.
Fuck you and your breath taking eyes,
Fuck you and your thousand watt smile.
Call me a sucker,
Call me a loser,
Call me a creep,
Call me anything.
But I think I'm in love with this boy..
You will most likely in your entire life never hear me admit that again.

So new boy.
He's John Hayden.
I've known him for a quite a while.
Maybe I'm just covering up my undying crush for Ryan by crushing on anyone possible.
Or maybe not.
Maybe I'm actually starting to like this kid.
Maybe just maybe.
Yeah, I think I'm really starting to like him.
He bed hops in Macy's with a $75 robe on.
He throws gum on the floor in the foodcourt and sits for 30 minutes waiting for someones shoe to pick it up.
He beats me.
Why does everyone beat me?
Evan beats me too.
That hurts a lot.
I'm gettng off topic.
Oh well.

Why do I even have this LJ?
In the begginning it was to post what happened everday and what my feelings were.
Now it's just a big tangled mess of cliche lies and overused phrases.
I was keeping it to see how much I've changed,
And to see where I am with my life.
I've gotten no where.
I've done nothing good for anyone in the world.
Not even my "friends".
No, they don't even deserve to be thought of as that.
The only person I trust anymore is Cara.
Everyone else are just lying bitches,
And honestly..
I don't fucking want your fake friendships anymore.
So save your time if you don't like me.

I've noticed, when I'm sitting at the computer..
I could be perfectly happy one minute,
Then the next...
I have tears streaming down my face.
I don't know why.
I'm strange.
I do things that I don't even understand.

John Hayden,
You are so retarded.
But I love it.
It makes me smile,
You make me smile, kid.
Really big.
I have a crush on you.
Just so you know.
I doubt you're gonna see this.
But I gotta tell somebody.
So whoever is reading this,
I have a crush on John Hayden.
A big crush.

Keep the love,
And keep it real.

Ariana Alice<3

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I bet he doesn't like me.
I wouldn't be surprised.
I mean, i'm Ariana Jones.
I'm just a smelly little fat girl.
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John came over.
Me, Cara and him decided to go to the mall.
I think i'm starting to crush on him.
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I think John's coming over today?
I don't know, he said he'll call me.
Maybe if Cara gets her fatass up then we could all hang out.
Like the old times.
Man oh man, I miss those old times.
Now they say me and Cara have changed.
We stayed the same,
They all changed.
We are still the same old Ca-ca and Ar-ar.
We will never change.
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fuck you.

So we went to the mall,
Cara broke up with Stephen for me..
We hung out with John, Nick, and Kelsey.
Then we stayed till like 7,
Got picked up and started driving to Cody's.
We couldn't find it.
So now we can't go back to the mall.
This is so fucking gay.
I told Cara.
We shouldn't even go, it's gonna be stupid anyway.
But nooo.
She had to fucking go see Cody.
What the fuck ever.
I fucking hate everyone right now.
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Come on, vamanos! everybody lets go!

Morning breath and cheese doodles.
Oh yum.
How attractive.
I'm so tired and cold and i gotta pee.
Today's friday!
My eyes won't open all the way.
They've got alien skeet covering them.
Damn you aliens.
Damn you to fucking hell.
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So tomorrow's friday,
And I want to go to the mall.
And see my damn boyfriend,
But nooo.
I have to go to Cody's with Cara.
It's not fucking fair.
We're going to the mall at like 4 staying till like 6:30
Then going to Cody's.
It's not fucking fair.
But whatever.
She doesn't care.
She just wants to go to his house.
And I'm just gonna sit there all night and do absolutely nothing.
It's so gay.
I can't even see my damn boyfriend.
When she gets to go see fucking Cody Jankfatlikeakowski.